Whenever I figure out the solution to something website or graphic design-related that I couldn’t find online, I write it up so the world can know. What can I say…I’m a giver. So here’s my most recent problem and solution.

PROBLEM: Client wants to change pricing of a recurring subscription product.

DETAILS: Changing the price for all future purchases for new customers is easy. Just change the product price. But what about the customers who are already subscribed and are paying a certain recurring amount? Sadly, at this point, WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin does not have a quick fix for this. The easiest and most accurate way to handle this is to make the changes manually. They do mention on their site that you can vote to add this feature, and if they get enough people clamoring for it, I think they’ll do it. So if you’re interested, go over there and let them know. Meanwhile, below are my detailed instructions on manually changing the price a customer pays for their subscription. I hope it helps.

1. In WP dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Subscriptions

2. Here you can see the important information for each subscription, their status, subscription #, what subscription they purchased, the price they are currently paying, and their payment method.

3. Click on the Subscription # for the customer whose future payment you want to change.

4. From this Subscription page, scroll down to the Subscription Details. Hover over the space to the right of the price total to access the pencil (edit) icon. (See *Note at the bottom if you don’t get a pencil on hover for a customer.)

5. Click the pencil icon to change the Total. Click Save.

6. Now go back to WooCommerce Subscriptions to see that your changes took effect.

That’s it. Repeat for each customer.

*Note: There may be certain types of payment methods which do not allow editing. I ran into this with a couple older customers who were set up a long time ago on an earlier version of Woocommerce and an earlier version of Paypal or Stripe. It was 4 out of 130 or so customers, so not too big a problem. If you do run into that situation, you’ll have to work with the customer directly to make that change. Have them create a new subscription or create one manually for them with their permission.