Because who doesn’t like infographics, here’s our newest one. Download it here.

This is the deal: Maintaining your website isn’t fun. It’s technical, time-consuming and one of those things even the most diligent people can forget to do. But when it’s not done, the problems begin.

Example 1: A security threat happens, a new virus is created by a hacker, etc. WordPress, theme and plugin developers quickly update the code of their products to protect against these new threats. If the updates aren’t installed, your website is vulnerable to these threats.

Example 2: You try a new plugin which isn’t compatible with your current version of WordPress. Site breaks. You have no backup because you thought those get done by your hosting company and find out they don’t actually do that for you. Now you have to start over and all your hours, months, years of work are gone.

There are many more examples but you get the idea. It’s actually VITAL to the functioning and security of your website to have routine backups and updates done on your website, by you or by someone. And we’re here to help. Our WordPress Maintenance Service takes care of all of it.