When you create a project with duffweb, you get a highly creative and stellar product. Their care and responsibility, deliver EXACTLY what is visualized.
But the best part is that they are a total joy to work with.

Jenna Capozzi, Project Manager


Duffweb has created a State of the Art website for us, and the responses from our clients has been awesome. They turned a very content rich and complex website into a streamlined, simple and user friendly website that appeals to top leaders of the world. It has been important for us to present valuable information and tools to our members that they could easily take advantage of to expand and succeed as a leader and Michael and his team made exactly that possible.

Lisa Terenzi, CEO


I hired Duffweb to create a website for my music company. I had notified them of my budget and let them know I wanted something that looked professional and clean. Within days I had a complete visual of the entire site. They went above and beyond my expectations. Clients as well as friends love my company website and ask about who the web team was that designed it.

Since then I have gone on to start yet another new business. I then called up the Duffweb staff and…BAM! My company is off to a great start. I am 100% satisfied. The bottom line is, If you got Duffweb you are in business.

Trace Ritter, Founder


Allow me to thank you for the tremendous work you have done. The website is stellar, head and shoulders above the competition, unique with a professional aesthetic quality I could have only hoped for when we started. In addition to your technical proficiency, the artful eye you brought to bear makes this site a winner.

Then there are all the unexpected things that you do—finding just the right logo artist, capturing images from the video in-progress as background images—amazing. It all came together in a high quality result that far exceeds my expectations. Too much!

If you ever need a reference, please feel me to direct them to me. I am a fan.

Michael Allan Scott


Michael Duff is one of the very few web designers that I can recommend to anyone at any level and know they will be taken care of and get a great product and stellar value.

I have hired him and his team on numerous projects and gotten stellar websites every time.

He is a rare artist and designer who can and will truly duplicate my vision and intention and then create on it, put it together and work it through implementation until I am fully satisfied.

Michael Doven


Our current site is the second that has built for us. They have helped us expand our online scope and with the WordPress format have given us the ability to control the day to day changes we need to make. They delivered what we wanted – a very useful, clean online home we can be proud of. And we do recommend whenever we can.


Michael Duff has created two websites for me that have both been very effective in presenting my products and services to new people… I could not be happier with the speed, efficiency, style and overall quality of everything Michael provided for me.

My Jimpressions website is easy to navigate, GREAT looking, and I can update and edit it myself, just perfect for my needs.

I recommend him highly, with two thumbs and both feet up!

Jim Meskimen


I knew I needed a website but I had no clue where to start. That is where the Michael Duff cool demeanor and clear vision of what it takes to get a product came into play. He sat down with me and really got from me the vision I had for my online presence. He had me find numerous sites that I thought I wanted my site to look like. Then he had me look at what I wanted my site to produce for me personally and then find more sites that were actually doing that and from there we proceeded to create the site. I definitely had high goals and kept wanting to add to the project.

You spend a lot of time talking to the guy who is designing your website so it is good to have someone who can actually really duplicate what you are trying to tell them even when you sometimes have no clue what you are trying to say. Michael always got what it was I was trying to say and he always kept it cool and never got unnerved. In the end we got the first draft up and it has been going very well and we continue to refine it and make it better.

Michael approached it from the viewpoint of let us get the initial product and then refine it until it is exactly what I want and doing exactly what I want it to do. Putting a site together takes patience and vision and Michael has both in spades!

Guy LaBrusciano, Owner