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Artist, Graphic Designer for Web and Print, and Brand Wondergirl, who now manages individuals and teams of designers and developers. The goals: 1. To help our clients succeed in life through gorgeous & effective Marketing & Promotions, and 2. Making our clients look like the rockstars that they truly are.
Creative Director, Duffweb

Slack’s New Logo Showed up on my iPhone Today

Slack's got a new logo, obviously. Well, this is obvious if you use Slack. I knew immediately, because it took me an extra 12 seconds to even find the app icon on my phone that I use dozens of times a day. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. So I'm going to [...]

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Super Salve Case Study: 120% increase in sales 1 month after launch

by Erica Falke, Creative Director; October 2018 The Problem Super Salve is an all-natural, ethical skincare company. All their products are 100% natural, ethically-sourced and handmade without phthalates, parabens, sulfates or GMOs. You can practically eat these products. Trust me, I've been tempted. They smell amazing, they work like magic. And Super Salve [...]

Career Solutions Inc. Case Study

The Problems Career Solutions, Inc. is actually an expansion from the original "Foundations of Brilliance" program created by Bernard Percy. This new company is co-founded by Bernard Percy (Writer, Educator, Author, International Speaker and Consultant) and Ben Kugler (Writer, Executive, Relationship Expert), and offers additional services. While they've been quite successful and have helped [...]

WooCommerce Subscriptions: How to Change Future Recurring Payment Amount

Whenever I figure out the solution to something website or graphic design-related that I couldn't find online, I write it up so the world can know. What can I say...I'm a giver. So here's my most recent problem and solution. PROBLEM: Client wants to change pricing of a recurring subscription product. DETAILS: Changing the [...]

Case Study: Doctors’ Speakers Network

When in Silicon Valley... by Erica Falke, Creative Director; July 2018 The Problem Doctors' Speakers Network is a team of doctors who give lectures on nutrition and wellness to clients in Silicon Valley and surrounding areas. They've worked with companies like Adobe, Sony, HP, Symantec, Netgear, Samsung and many, many others. And while [...]

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Why You Need WordPress Maintenance-The New Infographic

Because who doesn't like infographics, here's our newest one. Download it here. This is the deal: Maintaining your website isn't fun. It's technical, time-consuming and one of those things even the most diligent people can forget to do. But when it's not done, the problems begin. Example 1: A security threat happens, a new virus is [...]

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Choosing Colors in Design-The Duffweb Cheat Sheet

There are many tools in marketing & design. Here's a cool guide we put together on how we use the COLOR tool. There’s a lot to know about the use of color in design, as well as a lot that we consider when making decisions on color palettes, accents versus main colors, etc. In [...]

10 Critical Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Web Designer

1. Will your site hold up under the stress of a large inflow of clients? You found an inexpensive web designer and finally launch your new site. You then send out a big marketing campaign to drive customers to it, only to find that as soon as lots of people visit, the site goes down. [...]

What Does a Website Cost?

When someone asks me “What does a website cost?” I’ll usually ask them: “What does it cost to build a house?” Is it a 1 bedroom, 1 bath little cottage? Or a 16 bedroom mansion with 2 kitchens and a pool? There can be quite a cost spread with a house, and the same is [...]

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