“Listen to, and fully understand, what the client wants – and deliver it!”  Michael Duff

Every site we create has the same goal: to be beautiful, easy to navigate and useful to both the visitors and client. We want to make our clients look like Rock Stars to whoever they have to answer to – including their clients! And our work is based on a few simple key principles and an understanding of the true purpose of a website.

Our manifesto consists of four key principles:

  1. Listen to and understand what our clients want – and deliver it!
  2. Always be as straight and honest as we have the information to be.
  3. Exceed the expectations of our clients, always.
  4. Make the process enjoyable!

Michael Duff, Founder & CEO


What gets us up in the morning is the knowledge that if we do our job well and with passion, then you can continue doing what you are passionate about and helping those you want. Our most basic purpose is to help you expand. When we do, you help more people and continue to use us to help you grow even more allowing you to help even more. It’s a very win-win scenario.


“The design matters, the content matters, the flow matters and the user experience is everything.”

We know what makes a website successful. Our years of experience, client and user feedback has shown us that. We ask ourselves at every turn, “Does it look amazing? Is it easy for visitors to navigate? Can visitors find what they need quickly and can they act simply once they find it? Is the client thrilled to show it off? Will it make them, whatever their job title is, look like a Rock Star?”

If the answers aren’t all emphatically “YES”, we’re not done.


Although we tend to price on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and process we will undertake with almost every project.


This is the information stage. Market research, finding out what the client needs and wants, how the client wants to be perceived, what problems they are trying to solve, who the public is, and what their competition is up to, all lead to bright ideas for future implementation.


Once we have all the information we need, we work out the exact strategy and a program to rapidly and effectively get it done. This could include specialists and additional teams of designers or developers, depending on what is needed and deadlines. This is where we organize the entire activity and all its parts.


Brand identity, logos, the design of web pages, anything the client wants designed, in order to promote their business and show them in the best possible light…this is where it gets done by our genius creative team, using the most current software and the most current design trends.


Now it’s time to apply code and turn all that pretty into something that can function perfectly on computers, tablets, phones, and in all browsers. HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, you name it. We program in the most current versions of every web language.


Once everything is done and in place, all links and forms checked, all approved by the client, we make the site LIVE and then watch the statistics go up! Any little changes or adjustments needed based on client or public feedback are handled. Aaaand we’re DONE.