We design high-performance e-commerce websites using a platform called Magento. There are lots of exciting things to like about Magento, but one of the best is Magento Mobile. This free add-on to the standard Magento build was designed specifically for Magento e-commerce websites, and offers so many features, shopping is easy – and awesome – right from a customer’s smart phone, iPad, etc.

It’s more than common, I’d say it’s usual for the shopping experience on a company’s website to be far easier than from the same company’s mobile app. This can and does affect sales. Would you want to shop from your phone when it’s impossible to navigate through the site or find what your looking for? Of course not.

With Magento Mobile, customers can add and remove items from their wishlist, add items to their cart FROM their wishlist, and have those items instantly removed from the wishlist once purchased. Customers can pay for items using gift cards or store credit, in addition to the usual methods of payment. They can even rate a product they’ve just purchased and/or write a product review on that item, right from their phone.

Of course, all of this awesome only works for a business who has a Magento e-commerce website.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more.