So, why have a website?

We believe the purpose of a website is quite simply: to sell something. This doesn’t necessarily mean having an e-commerce site. No matter what you do, you’re selling something. Wheather it’s a personality, ability, image, idea, vision or widget, the only reason to have a website is to use it to sell your special commodity to someone else. Because we fully understand that, every day we create successful websites for our clients.

Founder and CEO Michael Duff’s formal education background is in Marketing, Sales and Design. Having absorbed corporate environments as varied as Internet Banking stalwart Digital Insight and Sony Music/Columbia Records has given him first-hand experience in both the conservative and artistic sides of the website fence and all shades in-between. Duff alone has over 14 years of expertise in this very young and fast-paced Internet discipline, and in that time has gathered a team comprised of some of the finest design and coding talent in Los Angeles. This extensive knowledge, vision and experience is the cornerstone of what sets Duffweb apart.