Project Description

This website was a dream as a creative professional. The client gave us a lot of freedom within the parameters of an ecommerce website. We love Super Salve for so many reasons. Their products are all natural skin care products with no phthalates, no parabens, no sulfites and no animal testing. Whatever ingredients they can get organic they do. You can almost eat their products. They all smell like heaven, work like magic, and between you and me…my entire bathroom closet is basically PACKED with Super Salve products. This isn’t an endorsement deal, this is me not being able to stop buying their products. Truth. Anyway…

We used Shopify as the ecommerce platform. And created an aesthetic site with an easy shopping experience for the user. This was definitely not the case before. (Check out the Super Salve Case Study for more specifics on that.)

Now we’ve moved onto the Marketing, Advertising & Social Media portion of their program. More on that soon. But for now I’ll just say…it’s going well.