Project Description

We LOVE Chalk Preschools. We’ve been working with them on their websites for years. They are an amazing team of people who continue to create AWESOME preschools all over the US, as well as the best online preschool educational entertainment site I have ever seen. The work they do is important, so we do whatever we possibly can to help them in their endeavors.

This particular site redesign was interesting. What had happened was the creators of their last WordPress theme just stopped updating or supporting their own theme. So eventually, with all the new WordPress changes and updates over the last couple years, we actually couldn’t edit the site anymore using that theme. It just wasn’t working and things which should work were breaking. It got so bad we had to turn off the theme completely just to make small edits to the site. So we HAD to redesign the site with a new theme and we had to do it very quickly.

We kept the things they loved about their old website, while making changes to make the site look and function better, and in a way that a website in 2019 should look and function on all sizes of devices.

And we included a web styles guide for them, to ensure their brand stays consistent in all future marketing or advertising.