Project Description

This was a super fun project. It included responsive web design, development, brand identity, as well as some problem solving.

For this client we designed and developed what we call “The Frame Wizard”. It’s a step-by-step way to easily handle the framing of a piece purchased on the client’s website, They do a very high volume of online sales, so the more we can automate the purchase process, the more time the client can spend actually framing and providing quality artwork to THEIR clients.

The way it works is you choose your artwork and then click the “Frame Now” button which opens up the Frame Wizard. From there you choose your frame and mat(s) and glass (where available). These show up automatically so you can actually see what these will look like on your artwork. The final step is to choose your wall color which automatically appears behind the framed artwork, enabling you to see how your choices will look on your actual wall.

We love solving people’s business problems with intelligent design and development.