3 Marketing Tweaks That Increased Sales by 7,900%

The Problem: Unbelievably GREAT Product with NO Real Marketing Campaign

(Before and after logo redesign)

SuperSalve is based in New Mexico with a die-hard following & customer base because their product is truly outstanding. (Their products can clear up lifelong acne as an example. And when you can do that, your happy customers let you know all about it!)

What they’re all about:

  • All-natural, ethical skin care
  • 100% natural, ethically-sourced and handmade
  • No GMOs or harmful chemicals
  • Plus, their products smell so good you want to EAT them

Here’s How We Fixed It

Tweak #1: Create and Send an Ongoing Email Campaign

This may sound simple but it’s severely out with most e-commerce brands. It’s highly unlikely people are just going to magically show up to your website unless you’re Amazon, which is where most shopping is done. But there’s a way around this: consistent email communication.

Whether you have 100, 10,000 or 1,000,000 subscribers, email is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to engage & sell with customers. If you’ve got a list and you haven’t emailed them, you’re missing out on huge ROI.

Tip: No one wants to read a generic “email blast” or blatantly sales-y email. (Maybe that’s why you don’t want to over-send to your list?)

Get around that by creating emails that are engaging, connect fans with your brand and your brand’s story, and really show off your products. More on that in the next tip.


Tweak #2: Highlight Your Bestsellers with “Lifestyle Shots”

We went through sales analytics and located SuperSalve’s top-selling products and used design and photography to truly bring their products to life through a screen. (See the example above.)

Use these images not only in emails to get people onto your website, but in social media as well, on either Instagram or Facebook.

Is your product packed with high-power botanicals? Good! Communicate it.

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about:

Here is a standard product shot to show packaging. Great! You definitely need this.

But here is “lifestyle shot” bringing the cream to life.

This makes you want to eat (and buy) the product.

Even if you don’t have a pro handy, you can get super creative with putting these kinds of shots together.

Tweak #3: Bring Your Testimonials to the Forefront

SuperSalve’s old site had hard-to-find testimonials.

You would have never known that one of the queens of beauty, Kylie Jenner, actually endorsed their product. (Holy crikes!)

You must bring these kinds of celebrity endorsements to the forefront of your site to build social proof. Your future customer just bought something from China that was 10 sizes too small and is pissed about it. Help build their trust with people they know (or in the case you have no celebrity endorsements) or people they can relate to.

Super Salve Co. 2019 kylie jenner shoutout

BONUS TWEAK (#4): Make their site mobile-friendly & ready for buyers in 2019

We’ve seen a lot of e-commerce platforms but we hadn’t even heard of the platform SuperSalve was using.

Most of your shoppers will be using that magical smart phone device when they get introduced to your brand, especially if you’re running Facebook and/or Instagram ads.

Your. Site. Must. Be. Mobile. Friendly. (aka Mobile Responsive) No ifs ands or buts about it.

This means your site looks great on a Desktop computer but also on any standard smartphone like an iPhone.

Our platform of choice? We can’t say enough great things about Shopify.

Simply put: They are light years ahead of every other platform.

They have more tools you can install than any other platform.
They have more development than any other platform (meaning it’s always becoming better.)

They are the standard.

So…Want more help with your site?

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