The 5 Steps to Build Your Funnel FAST.

1. Get Ideas for Funnels by Starting with Ad Research

The first thing you’ll want to have in place is a lead generation strategy for your funnel. Without this in place, you’ll be “up” a creek you don’t want to be stuck on. Don’t spend a ton of time on the bottom of the funnel (where the higher end sales happen) ​until you’ve got your lead generation at the top of the funnel solved.

While you’re researching this, you can also “funnel hack” meaning take a look at the offers all the way up the funnel.

Our #1 Place to Get Ad Ideas: AdEspresso

Search their Ads Gallery with over 600,000 ads being run on Facebook here.

Get 500 more ideas with AdEspresso’s 500 Ad Example PDF for download here.

All else fails, Google search your competitors and use the next tool to begin “funnel hacking.”

2. Use Facebook to Research Your Competitor’s Ads

This is one of the biggest opportunities to ever happen to marketers. This data was never available before the big privacy concerns that took Facebook by storm in 2018. Use this tool to your advantage.

1. Go to Your Competitor’s Facebook Page and Click on “Info & Ads” to see their ads.

3. Now You Can Browse Ads & Get Ideas on How to Model Your Funnel

We have a client who is a home buyer and it’s a newer space for us. So I’m using this exact process to do the funnel hacking process.

1. I Googled home buyers who pay cash and found “We Buy Ugly Houses” who’s the leader in the space.

2. I went to their Facebook Page and clicked on Info & Ads

3. I now have over 20 ads to model mine after and test.

4. I also have ideas of how to get people on the phone with our clients by looking at their flow.

Remember: Model What’s Working

Warning: Don’t try to re-invent the wheel right away. It can be a mega time waster.

Take action: Start mapping out your strategy and how you can put your own spin on ads.


4. Test Your Ads with Facebook

The power of Facebook stems from the fact that you can test out 2 ads, 4 ads or even 50 ads simultaneously. And you can do it this afternoon.

When creating your Facebook Ads to start generating leads, you can stick ALL your ad ideas in one Ad Set and Facebook will test all your ads with your pre-determined budget. Facebook will automatically run the best performers over the under-performers.

(An Ad Set is the area in Facebook where you can define audience, budget, interest targeting and more. This is where you then create your ads inside Ads Manager (a feature inside Facebook Business Manager)). Learn more here.

Key to Success: Model Your Ads On Working Ads + Test

Before you do print and billboards, test your ad verbiage with Facebook Ads. This will save you a BUNDLE and take out the guess work.

Take action: Create the ads that will start generating your leads.

5. Build the Next Step

Once lead generation has occurred, there are several things you can do next:

1. Create an email campaign delivering more value & knowledge

2. Create a re-marketing campaign with similar content to ensure you are continuing to educate and empower your future client.

3. Write personal emails to your leads

4. Survey what they need and want and deliver more value.

5. Deliver webinar trainings that continue your customer’s descent down your funnel, taking advantage of more and more services. This is one of the most powerful & interactive tools you can offer on the online space.

The Possibilities are Endless: Lead generation is just the start. You must continue building the relationship with your audience.

Take action: Lead generation makes all else possible. Crack this and you’re well on your way to constructing an evergreen sales funnel.