by Michael Duff, Founder

A web host is a company who has very fast and very secure (we hope) computers called “servers” where the files of your website will reside. This way people can view them on the Web. You could conceivably host your website on your home computer, but, with the level of sophistication that cyber-criminals have nowadays I’m thinking you probably wouldn’t want people peeking into your home computer just to see your website.

Anyway, there are different levels of hosting from higher-end boutique solutions like my pals at Web Studios West ( to more basic solutions by companies like Network Solutions, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc. I use all of these for different clients with different needs. There are also all-in-one solutions, like my other company: (which we built specially for actors). At this one site actors can register their domain name, “build” their own site very simply – and all without knowing any special “Web Stuff’, and the hosting is included in the low monthly cost. Hey, useful data and a commercial all in one! :o)

Check my earlier Blog about Domain Names.

Hosting costs: You can pay anywhere from $6 to hundreds a month, depending on your needs. You can actually spend thousands, but once you get past the thousand a month level you’ll want to buy your own dedicated server and hire someone to monitor it 24/7. And if you need this level of power your site will be cranking! And that’s a good thing.

Another thing that gets confusing is that you do not have to host your website where you registered your domain. To use the phone analogy again, you can take your phone number with you from one phone company to another. It can be easier to host where you registered the domain, but not always best. Check with your web geek to get their take on what your site would need. Having the right host makes a big difference in the speed and even sometimes functionality of the site.

So there you have the main monthly costs you’ll need to consider when you’re planning your website.

These are aside from the cost of having the site built, of course. You can see more info of things you’ll need for the site itself at our “What We Expect” page.