Magento Mobile – Awesome Shopping from your Mobile Devices

We design high-performance e-commerce websites using a platform called Magento. There are lots of exciting things to like about Magento, but one of the best is Magento Mobile. This free add-on to the standard Magento build was designed specifically for Magento e-commerce websites, and offers so many features, shopping is easy – and awesome – [...]

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Advanced Scheduling E-Commerce Announcement!

Just a quick note to let you all know we are currently scheduling e-commerce website designs for our clients through December, starting NOW! So if you want an awesome website to sell your products, now is the time to make your appointment with us! Great websites take time. So the sooner you get started, the [...]

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Responsive = Responsible

by Michael Duff, Founder Being responsive is a good thing.  We certainly like it when Firemen or an Ambulance are responsive. And in your business if there is a need or demand, you respond to accommodate that.  It’s smart and people love it.  In the Web Design world it has a newer, design-specific meaning that [...]

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Don’t Make Your Website Like The Government

by Michael Duff, Founder I’ve been told that the only things in this world which are certain are Death and Taxes. Apparently there is a way to postpone at least one of them. When talking to a client the other day, she was telling me how she had contacted the IRS to pay some back [...]

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Hackers: Misguided or Malicious?

Alt title: Boob vs. Boobs. by Michael Duff, Founder Warning: This is a bit of a rant. You see, earlier today I set out to write a post here on Cloud computing and how it affects us and how I believe it will change the way we do almost everything in the very near future, [...]

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What is a Domain Name?

by Michael Duff, Founder The Domain name is the web address. One of mine is www.duffweb.com. It’s where people go to find your site, like a phone number. Except if you mis-type a domain name you don’t get a non-English speaking person answering a website. Am I the only one to notice that most of [...]

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What is Web Hosting

by Michael Duff, Founder A web host is a company who has very fast and very secure (we hope) computers called “servers” where the files of your website will reside. This way people can view them on the Web. You could conceivably host your website on your home computer, but, with the level of sophistication [...]

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Why You Need A Website

So, why have a website? We believe the purpose of a website is quite simply: to sell something. This doesn’t necessarily mean having an e-commerce site. No matter what you do, you’re selling something. Wheather it’s a personality, ability, image, idea, vision or widget, the only reason to have a website is to use it [...]

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