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10 Critical Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Web Designer

1. Will your site hold up under the stress of a large inflow of clients? You found an inexpensive web designer and finally launch your new site. You then send out a big marketing campaign to drive customers to it, only to find that as soon as lots of people visit, the site goes down. [...]

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What Does a Website Cost?

When someone asks me “What does a website cost?” I’ll usually ask them: “What does it cost to build a house?” Is it a 1 bedroom, 1 bath little cottage? Or a 16 bedroom mansion with 2 kitchens and a pool? There can be quite a cost spread with a house, and the same is [...]

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6 Simple Steps to Plan Your New Site

You’ve decided it’s time to revamp your old website and finally make it really work for you. Smart move. OK, so now what? With over 15 years experience we’ve got this process quite streamlined and here are some important things we look at which you can use to plan your new site. 1. Decide What [...]

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5 Key Signs That You Need a New Website

“My site’s not THAT old”, you say to yourself…trying to feel better about the fact that you just saw a competitor’s really cool site, and your site doesn’t look cool and shiny like theirs does. Well, maybe your site is too old and maybe it isn’t. Maybe something else is wrong. Here’s the test. Check your website against these 5 key signs and find out for sure. 1. How does your site look on your mobile phone? Does the layout automatically change to accommodate the smaller mobile screen so you can still read everything just fine? If not, your site was either built before “Responsive” web design was an important issue, or it was built by someone who doesn’t understand how important it actually is that people can view your site and navigate through it on mobile devices. Either way, you’ll need a website that is easily viewed on all different-sized devices. […]

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Ranking According to Google

Google USED to tell us that it was important for search engine rankings to "increase the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages." This was on an older version of their Rankings Article. You'll notice that that line is not there now. That's because it was changed to what you see now in [...]

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Magento Mobile – Awesome Shopping from your Mobile Devices

We design high-performance e-commerce websites using a platform called Magento. There are lots of exciting things to like about Magento, but one of the best is Magento Mobile. This free add-on to the standard Magento build was designed specifically for Magento e-commerce websites, and offers so many features, shopping is easy – and awesome – right from a customer’s smart phone, iPad, etc. It’s more than common, I’d say it’s usual for the shopping experience on a company’s website to be far easier than from the same company’s mobile app. This can and does affect sales. Would you want to shop from your phone when it’s impossible to navigate through the site or find what your looking for? Of course not. […]

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Advanced Scheduling E-Commerce Announcement!

Just a quick note to let you all know we are currently scheduling e-commerce website designs for our clients through December, starting NOW! So if you want an awesome website to sell your products, now is the time to make your appointment with us! Great websites take time. So the sooner you get started, the [...]

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